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【6/8〆】International Exchange Support!🌎

With The World
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    フルリモート勤務, 東京, 大阪, 福岡

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この募集の受入企業「With The World」をフォローして、


Let's Work with Us as A Learning Assistant!🌎


Connecting students from around the world to think together about the SDGs and other social issues!



Wages are paid based on the number of classes that you attend, regardless of the duration of the class.



We are looking for people who can work continuously for 2 months minimum.
Please feel free to consult with us about school or part-time work conflicts.



Frequency of activities is about once a month.
Regular meetings will be held twice a month.


・International Students attending Japanese Universities
・Business Level English Proficiency
 TOEIC 800 / TOEFL iBT 80 or higher IELTs 6.0 or higher
・Japanese language skills: Daily conversation level (not required, but preferred)
・Interest in international exchange / acquiring facilitation skills

  • Even amidst the ongoing Corona pandemic, we can discuss social issues with people from all over the world!
  • Communication, management, listening, coaching, etc., are all skills that you will learn in this role and will be useful in your job search as you look to enter the workforce.




-Job Description-

The main responsibilities of the Assistant

The main job of the assistant is to support the progression of the program by providing the students with the appropriate encouragement and questions for their individual speed and level, so that they can approach class with a sense of purpose and grow through trial and error on their own.

*Provide support for students interacting with overseas students in English over "ZOOM" video call.

-Program Topics-

Topics are aimed at providing fun and cross-cultural understanding.

Topics include: traditional culture, school life, food culture, social issues such as environmental problems, poverty, etc.

The number of topics varies depending on the program.

Online International Exchange has become an indispensable tool for delivering opportunities for growth and experiences to students, even while travel has been restricted by the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic.

With The World was one of the first companies to establish an online international exchange program, connecting students around the globe with Japanese students. Thus far we have connected over 350 schools in 60 countries with schools across Japan.

Our programs not only improve students' English skills, but also provide them with the opportunity to improve:

Cross-cultural understanding



Thinking skills

Our program is designed to help students acquire skills that are difficult to measure on school tests, but useful for life in society, such as intercultural understanding, independence, self-efficacy, and the ability to think critically.

Past university students who worked as a Learning Assistant staff member say that the program has also helped them, saying :

"I am now able to build rapport with people I have never met before (e.g., by facilitating conversations and providing comments to relieve tension)."

"I am now able to listen to what others have to say and elicit their ideas through questioning."



Here's what some of our learning assistant at With The World have to say!!

Q. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

・I have seen students who were not motivated become more and more enthusiastic.

・I get to hear a lot of varying opinions about social issues.

・Building a relationship of trust with my students!

・When participants say that they enjoy overcoming difficulties.

・Seeing students of different native languages interacting with each other with smiles on their faces.

Q. What have you gained through your work as a Learning Assistant?

・I am able to create a positive atmosphere in my team.

・Multi-tasking (e.g., interpreting while thinking about what kind of support to provide next)

・Build rapport with people I didn't know beforehand (e.g., by interjecting in conversations or making comments to ease their tension).

・The ability to listen to others and elicit their ideas through questioning.

Q. How did your experience as a Learning Assistant help you in future endeavors?

・I used to be not so confident communicating, but I think I have become less afraid of talking to others.

・I am now able to organize a team, making decisions in a group during job hunting and seminars more easily.

・I was praised for my communication skills, getting along with others and placing an emphasis on diverse values.


They are all unique and talented interns who I hope to stay connected with for years to come! XD

During free time at training sessions or before and after class, when I ask the other interns how their classes are going, I get to chat with them and know them on a personal level, as well as learn a lot from them. I also have the opportunity to directly communicate with them about their strengths and what went well in class, and we are able to improve each other's self-esteem. We have a casual relationship where we discuss things like job-hunting outside of work!

As an intern, we get think about how to improve the classes, how to satisfy the participants, how to improve other activities, etc., We share ideas and make suggestions so that we all feel that we are working together to create something better.

What is appealing about With The World?

・It is an environment where you can think and act on your own

・Develop close relationships and work alongside full-time employees

・It is a place where interns can have the experience of taking the initiative and where everyone is at home and easy to work with, but where they also get good feedback to help them grow.

・The interns are able to connect with people who are kind and passionate about what they do.

・Given the chance to develop your empathy and think about the feelings of others.

・Many opportunities to learn skills that will be useful in job hunting and in the real world!





五十嵐 駿太





With The Worldの企業活動理念

  • 大きな社会問題も、解決への取り組みは地域から。
  • 大きな社会問題を政府レベルで考えるだけでなく、「自分たちで出来ること」を考え、行動する習慣を創ります。世界の国々と学生、そして地域を結び、グローバルな視点で地域活性の相乗効果を目的としています。
  • 1つ1つの学校の方針や特色を理解し、学生にとって学びの深いプログラムを提供します。
  • プログラム対象の学生に合わせた海外校選びや、採択校の目指すゴールに合わせたプログラムをオリジナルで構成し、学校で学んだ知識をそのまま発揮する機会を創ります。もちろん海外校との調整(交換留学手配含)やプログラム作成など全て弊社が行い、ご担当者様のお手間を減らします。
  • 海外提携校を増やし、多くの地域で国際交流を身近に感じることが出来る教育環境を創ります。

With The Worldの企業活動内容

With The Worldは、世界中の学校をリアルタイムで繋ぎ、学校の授業中に海外の学校と一緒に授業を受けられる環境を中学~大学で現在創っています。1クラス約40名で(日本校20・海外校20)、お互いの国・地域のSDGsに則った行いたいテーマを生徒が選び、4人少人数グループで異なる視点を持つ他国の同世代とともにスカイプを通じて社会問題の「原因」を探り、インタビューから「生の情報」を収集し「解決策」に働きかける機会を設けることで、学生の視野を拡げています。プログラムは、定期的且つ長期的に授業を行い、途中交換留学を設けることで、考案した実施策を現地で行う機会づくりや、世界中の同世代のチームメイトに実際に会える感動機会を設け、絆を深めながら社会性と国際性に富んだグローバルリーダーを将来に輩出しています。




株式会社With The World 設立(4月2日)



■新渡戸文化中学校にて、「教えない授業」著書・山本崇雄先生のクラスで中学1年生を対象にフィリピン・イロイロ市の私立学校を月1回のオンライン授業の実施(2019年10月~ 次年度相互訪問実施)


1.クリエイティブひょうごビジネスコンテスト ファイナリスト (2018年11月)

2.日経ソーシャルビジネスコンテスト ファイナリスト (2019年1月)

3.日本アントレプレナー大賞 ソーシャルビジネス部門 ファイナリスト (2019年3月)



1.ジャカルタ新聞(インドネシア在住日本人向け新聞) (2018年4月と6月)


3.神戸新聞社 「キャラ弁」インドネシアを救う!?(2019年6月掲載)

4.毎日新聞社 バリの生徒と交流授業 関西学院高等部 共通テーマ議論 (2019年6月)

5.月刊「事業構想」7月号 オンラインで海外の高校と繋がる グローバル人材育成の新手法 (2019年7月)

6.月刊「宣伝会議」8月号 学校の課題とニーズに対応 国際交流授業の「垣根」をなくす (2019年8月)

7.毎日新聞社 月刊「毎日フォーラム」地域課題をアジアの生徒と考える(2019年8月)

8.月刊「先端教育」1月号 国際交流授業の「垣根」をなくす。オンライン・PBL型の授業を実現(2020年1月)

9. 神戸新聞社「オンラインで留学体験」(2020年4月)


1.兵庫県若手起業家支援 採択 (2019年度)

2.神戸市ソーシャルビジネス助成支援 採択(2019年度)

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